We must admit, we know thing won’t return to the way they were for along time, if ever. What we need to do is ask ourselves is What are going to do about it?

COVID-19 and it effect on Health & Social care.

Care companies were never in an easy place, even before Coronavirus. Current measures have made everyone think twice about contact with others, this is more prevalent in a care setting because the risk of mortality is even higher. Budgets are stressed, workers are stressed, company owners are stressed but its the service users who bear the brunt of this awful situation. They will be the ones who, after all, have to deal with the stressed care staff, have to do without on certain things because of budgets.

Care staff are asked to isolate at short notice if they show any symptoms, leaving care companies forced to use temporary staff which ends in the lack of one thing service users need more than anything:


So, can we help? Answer:


How can we help with consistancy?

We don’t believe in temporary staff, we believe in a permanent, consistent staffing policy that offer a familiar setting to every service user no matter what goes on out side their home.

We also offer consistent training, creating familiarity to every staff member that works with us. Our care companies can rely on us to provide as much motivation to their staff alongside quality training, keeping their organisation compliant.

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