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Local integration is a very efficient way of gaining a great reputation in the area where your practice or care company operates. Small businesses can offer a reliable, economic service that could benefit your organisation in ways larger companies cannot.

We have an active procurement system where we work with businesses of many varieties within your locality. For a local business to join us we would have put them through a three step registration process:

1. Application of membership, full details of service.

This is where we ask what they do, where they work and how long they have been operating. We only let three companies of any service join us. This means every business has fair chance of competing for business making themselves more competitive.

2. Reference checking and previous customer approval.

The second part of registration requires us to speak to the last five customers this particular service provider has carried out and get feedback on their workmanship, reliability and price.

3. Reward scheme

Understanding that our clients are looking for a great deal for a job well done, we ask all procurement members to pass on a discount or added benefit to our clients. While we would never want these business to lose out, we do ask them to recognise that a lot of our clients have multiple sites and ongoing business is always an option.

If, for example, you need a carpenter or carpet fitter. We would arrange for all three of the relevant trades to visit you and quote you direct. You then get to choose the right contractor for you.

If you are not happy with the end result of the project or the service you have received, we will discontinue the membership of that organisation with us. Leaving only the best of the crop available at all times.

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