New people secured into employment every week, and smiles all round to go with it.

We have been delighted with helping so many great companies in the last few weeks. Offering them great a service with a great price attached. We had the exact employer the professional was looking for and the fit couldn’t have been better suited. We care. We care a lot.

When a care company comes to us they are usually exhausted by all the extortionate prices and poor service they are receiving elsewhere. This is the reality.

If you want to know how great a company really is, speak to the people they work with. Dont believe the glossy websites and excellent self praise you see, speak to those who are effected every day by the decisions made by the ones who run the company and the prices they charge. Where the management focus is predominantly profit, not service.

Carl Jones, Director of NBMCP

We have had a real eye opener. When we set up our great business we spoke to many different care and medical companies and set up a service that provided what they needed but was missing from every competing firm. We spoke to one care company in Llanelli who spends thousands of pounds with a company based in South Wales every month, and has done for two years, but has NEVER been visited or called by a representative of their company to thank them for their custom, let alone see if they were happy.

Relationships are very important to us, when a new care company joins us they are offered a range of seven different ways we can help them and they have a direct contact with us. We work on a long term basis, with that comes a good understanding of what that company really wants and needs.

“We have made a lot of people a lot of money, but we never get any thanks for it”

Care group owner in Newport.

Get in touch with us today 01792 343133 or to find out how we can help you.

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