We must ask ourselves is it safe not to offer consistency at any time? Even more so, at a time when we need minimal staff movement in and out of our care homes, is it safe to bring in temporary care when they could be bringing you-know-what into the home?

Recently we have spoken to many care home managers who have previously relied on temporary staffing to keep their care home in business but the only dangers they really brought with them was a lack of consistency and they weren’t cost effective, now we can add one more even serious danger to the list: CornonaVirus.

Temporary staff moving from one care setting to another, often several times a week, taking in with them all the risks they could carry from just being near people in a supermarket, let alone working in an infected care home last Tuesday.

Our (care home partners of ours) care homes have had to rely on temporary staff less now than ever. With one of our larger companies being 400 hours understaffed at the beginning of crisis to being 1000 hours overstuffed today means we succeeded in doing what we do best, providing consistency. Consistency not just for service users, but for staff members and managers too.

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