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My wife and I have been in business for many years, we were a reasonably sizeable employer in south and west Wales. We were bought out by a larger organisation in early 2019 which was put up for sale for us to concentrate on this. But lets rewind to two years earlier when my wife had started working towards gaining a level five QCF in health and social care so we could start our own care organisation, with her considerable experience in care it seemed like a natural progression for us. We started laying the foundations for our care company when we had a meeting with what was then the CSSIW, covering most of the things we needed to get the ball rolling officially. During this discussion we were advised that there may be times where would need the assistance of an agency to supply staff to us which was something I looked into in great detail, what I came across was a worrying network of organisations who charged extortionate rates of commissions to supply staff and almost double per hour of a professional rate if they were needed on an ad-hoc basis. As a businessman I couldn’t see where this sort of arrangement was going to be of any benefit to anyone bar the agencies who, in some cases, run wards in hospitals, medical surgeries & care companies though the staff they supply.

In a further and more detailed investigation, we found that this was generally the case with medical surgeries too. After speaking to practice managers we found that agencies were charging in excess of £12k for access to General Practitioners, how can this be sustainable long term? If this GP left after a few months, then the agency could charge the same again for another GP. This is astounding. In business terms, this cannot be something that can happen much longer. Our NHS is on its knees and agencies are adding to the strain with such greed.

What is the answer? We are. Simple.

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